1 April 2012

Whiskas Chicken Bite'n Chew - ready meal for one [By @Nli10]

As regular readers will know I'm a big fan of bachelor chow - that is food that is self contained and easy to cook for the solo guy at home on his own. Whether you live alone, or have just been left to fend for yourself on a Sunday it's often much preferred to make something nice and quick rather than to go to all the effort of a full meal. Past favourites in this have been the Beef & Basil Meatballs which can be cooked straight from the bag and makes a good meal.

UK food manufacturers Whiskas have jumped on this band-wagon with a series of mini pouches that are designed to appeal to the modern, metrosexual guy with cute kittens on the box, and the one I had for lunch today is from their new 'Bite 'n Chew' range - presumably to counter the critics who thought that their previous range was a bit on the slimy side.

The cooking directions aren't that clear and the pouch looked a bit metallic so I popped it on a side plate and microwaved it for 90 seconds until it was nicely steaming.

With a side of fresh (ish) rocket and sprinkles from their crunch range it made quite an appetising looking lunch!

The smell was quite strong, and unlike most ready meals quite tangy. While the 'Bite 'n Chew' means that you can feel the lumps as you eat it, this still decomposes in a very strange way in the mouth - the extra crunch is needed! The flavour is fairly unique and can only be described as sharply vinegary and the chicken is almost hidden behind a wall of mysterious meaty flavours. I wouldn't describe it as amazingly appetising, but once you get used to that initial bitter hit and suppress the gag reflex then it's nicely filling.

The Beef, Trout & Salmon flavours all come in the same pack (12 pouches seems a bit much) and I think that the Trout could be a winner with it's strong fishy overtones and briney aftertaste. There seems to be a whole untapped world of potential in these mini meals, and I look forwards to seeing more in the range.
By Nli10


Lucy said...

I'm very sorry if I'm mistaken but I just had to comment. Is this a slightly late April Fool's joke or did you really eat cat food? Or are you secretly a cat?!

NLi10 said...

I was a bit late in sending this one off - and besides, cats don't tend to be up before noon most days. :)

bob said...

(Winalot is fabulous on toast, btw.)

NLi10 said...

I don't like toast...