2 April 2012

The Mini Dark Gianduja Egg / The Mini Pink Champagne Truffle Egg (@HotelChocolat) [By @Cinabar]

These two eggs from Hotel Chocolate are part of their Easter gift range, but are the smaller editions. Each egg has a chocolate shell and is neatly filled with two large truffles. This would make them ideal to share between two, or not as needs be! :-D

First up I tried the dark egg. The chocolate in the shell was a luxurious 70% cocoa, and it had wonderful rich tones with a good warm flavour that almost tasted like it contained a spice. The chocolate was quite firm and snapped well as I broke pieces off, but melted easily and pleasingly when eaten.
The truffles also have a lovely coating of thick dark chocolate, but are embedded with sugar sprinkles which make them look pretty and taste a little sweeter. Inside is a rich hazelnut praline, which is full of a fantastic nutty chocolate flavour. Hotel chocolate do pralines so well, and these are a total treat.

The champagne egg is made with Hotel Chocolat’s milk chocolate base, but again contains two truffles inside. The milk chocolate is full of cocoa flavour, but is a little softer to break. The taste is smooth and mellow and perfectly constructed. It manages to be indulgent but the flavour is clean enough to not become too rich.
The truffles with this egg are pink in colour and the coating contains a hint of strawberry to add to the flavour. The filling is silky and wet with a champagne tang that adds a certain layer of sophistication but works well with the milk chocolate base flavour.

Both of the eggs have outstanding chocolate and truffles within, they may be small but both have packed in the wow factor. The packaging is beautiful too, and adds to the whole experience. These eggs are the perfect token gift and it would be impossible not to love receiving them.
By Cinabar

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