21 April 2012

Gooseberry Fool (Tesco) [By @SpectreUK]

This Gooseberry Fool was packaged in a 114g cardboard pot that weighed in at 225 calories! I say “weighed in”, as calories seem to head straight towards my already portly belly. I thought this calorie count was quite high until I noticed that the yogurt is made up of 26% whipping cream, as well as 22% gooseberries, 27% yogurt, and 25% of other stuff. I noticed on the pot it mentioned that the overall yogurt was not vegetarian friendly, having been made with pork gelatin. The allergy advice on the pot was quite contradictory by saying; “No nuts” and then, “but cannot guarantee no nuts”, which is pretty scary if you have a serious nut allergy and are in a rush and only read the first bit.

On peeling back the lid I immediately noticed that there were lots of bits of chopped gooseberry in amongst the creamy white yogurt. I’ve never been a fan of yogurt with bits in it, but I persevered for blogging sake. Honestly, the things I have to put up with for Foodstuff Finds… odd tasting beersPot Noodlessweetsbiscuits… whipping cream… Okay, so it’s not all bad! Anyway, the yogurt and whipping cream had predictably merged rather well together to produce a luxuriously creamy delight, but with nobly bits of gooseberry mixed in to break the concentration. The gooseberry pieces made the overall yogurt taste quite tart, which was almost balanced by the whipping cream and yogurt. I felt very indulgent and quite naughty eating this dessert, but I couldn’t eat it every day as I feel I’d grow too large to fit in the house. There are lots of healthier yogurts on the market without the added whipping cream, but if you fancy a sour but creamy treat then this yogurt may be for you.
By Spectre

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for me this isn't a fool. It's too lumpy, too sharp, too solid and not creamy enough. The large percentage of yogurt doesn't work for me and the addition of pork gelatin is a no no. Definitely wouldn't buy this again.