5 April 2012

Cadbury's Cream Egg Splats and assorted Easter bits (Asda)

Here Mr. Easter Smarties Hen (as yet uneaten) shows us the bag of Splats - as you can see they are small fried egg shaped chocolates with only the whites of the eggs in. Scale gecko wakes up and comes in for scale.

Scale Gecko steals a Splat and demonstrates the fact that they are pretty much just two cadbury's buttons with some sweet white goo in the middle. Goo! If you like a little more sweetness in your buttons they are great, if not then stick to the regular buttons which I suspect are better value per gram of choc than these. They do have a big "ooh" factor though so I like them, expect these to become a seasonal regular.

Here we see Scale Gecko basking in the contents of the right hand box - in which there were no lemon mini cupcakes! These were well received at work and eaten very quickly, but individually are a little unsatisfying. I think as party favours they are fab, but you'd get a little sad if this was a snack. Add party rings and they would make a nice plate at a buffet or birthday though.

Ah - and the Scale Gecko is asleep at last, against a lovely apple & raspberry juice by innocent. This and the tropical drink are both new and so on special offer. Both are twists on the existing Apple & Orange varieties, but this is fine to me as they are strong flavoured and full of typical Innocent goodness.

Bonus picture with feet!

Kipling seem to have a new packaging for slices - and the plastic taste from the other packs seems less evident. This may be my imagination though but the recipe has changed according to the package so less funny Kipling aftertaste - Hooray!

If you only eat the slices one at a time, or only give them to guests while hiding your preferred snacks, then this is perfect.
By NLi10

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