6 April 2012

Bear Yo Yo’s (Pineapple and Apple Variety) [By @Cinabar]

Bear are one of those companies that like to remind people that just because you have a sweet tooth, it doesn’t mean you can’t eat healthily. Impressively these fruit Yo Yo’s are 100% fruit, and don’t have any nasty additives. If you haven't seen one before a Bear Yo Yo isn’t an actual yoyo it is a strip of fruity goodness all wrapped up, and you can unwind and eat it. It’s fun too, and even comes with a fascinating fact card to collect – I shared my facts with those in the office, and they seemed impressed too!

There are two new flavours in the Yo Yo range, and Bear very kindly sent me a sample of each to try.

As there are no colourings in this fruit Yo Yo, it does look quite dark and brown, and not the usual artificial bright yellow you’d somehow associate with pineapple. I unwrapped the fruit and was pleased to discover that it wasn’t at all sticky and eased apart nicely. The flavour was very natural and had a strong zingy edge, which made it rather refreshing and juicy. I thoroughly enjoyed it, pineapple doesn’t get enough shelf space when it comes to these kind of treats and this just shows what an underestimated fruit it is.

The pineapple may have been brown, but the apple fruity strips are a fab dark green! This will undoubtedly make kids smile, because I loved the colour myself. Again these weren’t sticky and unwound without any hassle, ready for me to eat. The flavour was mild, but distinctively apple in nature, with its fresh edge as an aftertaste. It was more sweet than sharp, and as such very easy to like.

These are an excellent alternative to naughty treats in any lunchbox. As they are pure fruit they are a healthy treat for those with a sweet tooth, and the fun aspect of unwinding the fruit and the fascinating fact card means that you can’t fail to smile while enjoying them. These get a thumbs up from me.
By Cinabar

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