17 April 2012

J2O – [New] Papaya Punch (Cosmo) [By @Cinabar]

I have to confess to being a bit of a J2O fan. I like to have a soft drink when I’m out for a meal, as wine really does nothing for me. It won’t shock you to discover I have a bit of a sweet tooth. J2O have given me an extra option on the menu, and I love working my way through their mix of flavours. At Christmas time I couldn’t get enough of the Glitterberry drink, the edible glitter within it just made smile and feel bizarrely glamorous! :-D I knew that it was a seasonal special and supplies have been running out recently, so I have been keeping my eyes open to see what would be replacing it.
At a recent meal at Cosmo (an amazing chain buffet restaurant) I discovered that the new variety for the season is this Papaya Punch, and obviously that’s what I chose. The bottle is rather pretty, and even has a neat floral pattern all over it. It looks bright and it wouldn’t look out of place at a summer barbecue, if the weather ever turns. It makes me think that this new J2O will be with us for quite a while, because the flowers all over the label just scream hot weather. Sadly it doesn’t contain any edible glitter, but it does have a good mix of papaya, peach and orange instead!
The base flavour is actually more peach than papaya, but it still has a good tropical edge. The papaya does show through, but is more of the finish flavour and hits with a hint of orange at the end of each sip. This new J2O is very smooth, and easy to drink. I think the addition of the peach just adds a lovely mellow taste, and the juice is silky smooth but still quite sweet. If you are not careful you could easily find yourself supping the whole thing down rather quickly, and you have to remind yourself to savour it and enjoy the refreshing fruity taste.
I was sad to see Glitterberry disappear off the shelves, but I have to say I am loving the new Papaya Punch. It contains a good mix of fruits, and the use of papaya makes it a bit different and special. It’s another refreshing and well balanced fruity mix from J2O that won’t disappoint.
By Cinabar

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