27 April 2012

Willie’s Delectable Cacao: Dark Chocolate with Ginger & Lime [@WilliesCacao] (@Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

It’s been a long time since I last wrote about Willie’s Delectable Cacao bars. I guess this is down to my sense of adventure and flavour always wanting something a little bit more than a plain chocolate bar, which is what the brand does so well. As I was having a bit of a browse in the chocolate section in Waitrose I spotted this bar, and realised that this was a combination of the fine chocolate and an exotic twist. I was impressed to see that the ingredients were 100% natural, and contained no unexpected additives.
The bar is packaged in a simple, but smart, lime green box. The bars are square not oblong, but still seem to pack a fair amount of chocolate into the packet. Once unwrapped, the bar again sticks to a neat logo embossed into the dark chocolate, but there are no markings to break chunks off.
I snapped a corner of the chocolate off and found that it came away fairly easily for a dark chocolate, but still broke cleanly. It also began to release a gentle aroma of lime and ginger that smelt wonderfully fragrant and appealing.
The cocoa is 70% and from Sierra Leone. It had a wonderful rich dark woody taste that filled the senses. The lime breaks it up a little adding a sharp zingy taste, and a burst of tangy citrus. The last flavour to show through is the crystallised ginger. Impressively it manages to give a good warmth and spice, without being in any way over powering. A little bit of sweet heat works so well with chocolate, but a fire can ruin in, thankfully this bar had a good taste of ginger without the unsightly kick.
This a well balance bar, and the flavours just complement one another perfectly. It has exotic and aromatic flavours that I thoroughly enjoyed. I do hope that Willie’s Delectable Cacao brand intends to bring out a few more interesting flavours, because this bar really impressed me and I do want to try more!
By Cinabar


Mostly About Chocolate Blog said...

Weird - I tried this at the Speciality Food Fair and I wasn't a fan. Maybe it has been adjusted slightly but I actually didn't buy it when I saw it in Waitrose because I didn't like it but you and someone else have reviewed it positively so maybe I need to give it another chance...?

cinabar said...

Thing is I liked it because the ginger was sweet and mild, and not too spicy.