11 April 2012

Vifon – Tomato and Chicken noodle soup (Birmingham Indoor Market) [By @SpectreUK]

This Tomato and Chicken noodle soup was produced by Vifon, in Poland. You’ll see in the photograph that there was a free plastic spoon, but I used a metal fork instead in order to curl up the noodles (and I’ve seen what boiling water can do to plastic spoons in the past), there was also a vegetable sachet, a soup base sachet and a tomato and chicken metal soup carton. There was 40% stewed chicken in the metal meat carton, and 35% canned tomato, amongst other things. Other ingredients in the noodle soup included; spring onion, pepper, paprika, garlic, celery, carrot, and leek. I decided to watch Ironclad, which is a siege film set just after the Magna Carta was signed by Bad King John, in 1215. The preparation instructions on the cardboard bowl were a little confusing for my tender hungry brain, so I dumped everything into the bowl with the noodles and poured in the required 300ml of boiling water, leaving to stand for a few minutes whilst I watched heads and arms and legs being hacked off in the gory movie. I then stirred the blood red noodle soup, mixing in all the noodles, vegetables, soup base and stewed chicken. The soup smelt very much of tomato with a subtle meaty spicy hint. There were lots of vegetable bits in with the pieces of stewed chicken and thin stringy noodles. The soup felt very healthy and had a heavy tomato flavour with a definite meaty spicy mention. It was a messy soup to eat so I had to lean, shovel noodles into my mouth and mop my chin with a tissue on the odd occasion, but it tasted absolutely great. I drank the rest of the soup off after eating all the noodles, vegetables and meat. I was impressed at how well all the ingredients from the sachets had mixed in together with no residue in the bottom of the cardboard bowl. This was a very thick tomato noodle soup, not watery like some pot noodles can lean to. I loved every minute of the stringy meaty spicy tomato noodle soup and would definitely have it again. If you like a good sword, armour, blood and gore yarn I’d definitely recommend the film too! It was my favourite movie so far this year! ;-)
By Spectre

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