16 April 2012

Jack N Jill – Pretzels Chocolate Sticks (Pinoy Foods, Birmingham) [By @Cinabar]

Spectre bought these chocolate sticks back for me after a wander around his favourite import shop in Birmingham. As we are fans of all things Pocky style I was looking forward to trying them, and according to the box they originated in the Philippines.
The packaging really caught my eye with this product. The characters on the front look quite sweet, but once you turn it over it becomes clear they are part of a game. The back panel of the box should be cut out and once you have collected the other 11(!) back panels – you are almost ready to play as this forms the main board game. Then all you have to do is collect the remaining 12(!) other back panes needed for the game – these include characters, a game compass and game cards – and at the end of it you will have eaten your way through 24 boxes and have a simple board game for your trouble. My oh my that’s quite a few boxes of Pretzels Chocolate Sticks!
Anyway as I only have one game card, I skipped this step, opened up the box and got straight to munching. Unlike Pocky these biscuit sticks don’t have the end of the biscuit left uncovered, which avoid sticky fingers. They are totally dipped in chocolate. The pretzel section of the biscuit is quite thick and delivers a good flavour, but the chocolate coating is quite thin. Sadly the quality of the chocolate is also a bit lacking, it’s not a bad taste, it’s just a bit like cheap chocolate and means the finished sticks are missing that bit of magic. They are pleasant enough to munch on, and I’ll happily finish the box but I shan’t be asking Spectre to rush out and get another pack. I think that chocolate has a regional taste, and clearly the Philippines variety just doesn’t match my British taste buds. I shouldn’t complain too much as they were just 75p, and they still provided a decent snack for me while watching the end of the Titanic series on Sunday night TV.
By Cinabar

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