9 April 2012

Heinz Tomato Ketchup – Indian Spices (Asda) [By @Cinabar]

Spectre is a big fan or weird and wonderful chilli sauces that he can dip his chip into. I am a little less adventurous and despite having tried many nice sauces, always come back to good old tomato ketchup. I do however have a tendency to pick up different bottles at the supermarket to try and this new addition to the Heinz range caught my eye. It is a tomato ketchup variant with a mix of Indian Spices. I poured a blob onto my plate, and the consistency was very similar to regular ketchup but the sauce was a lighter colour and looked more orangey.
Now I should tell you that Spectre’s reaction to the taste of the ketchup was very different to mine. He was immediately disappointed at the total lack of chilli heat and couldn’t seem to get past that. I on the other hand loved the stuff. I accept it didn’t have any burn, but the blend of spices where wonderful and distinct. I loved the sweetness from the tomato and all the other flavours that shone through. It was like a Tikka Masala curry sauce in taste, only sweeter and more vibrant.
I have tried this sauce with chips and it is heaven. I’ve put it on sausages and it works like magic, and has such a nice Indian twist. I think the bottle has an amazing potential. I have a burning desire to marinate chicken breasts in the sauce and see how that works out, and then perhaps barbecue the results if the weather ever brightens up. I can turn hot dogs into curry dogs and have even tried it successfully it in a ham sandwich!
I think if you are looking for a tomato ketchup with a wonderful new depth of flavour, and a good whack of curry taste you will love this. If you are expecting a hot kick you should be warned there is almost no heat in there, but the addition of the Indian spices really are out of this world.
By Cinabar


Unknown said...

100% with you guys on this one! This is fantastic sauce :D I would like to think I'm a bit of a condiment expert given my line of work ;) ... can I suggest one I think you would like?

smoked chipotle tobasco

Very good stuff.

Rob said...

I got a bottle of this stuff for my birthday! Now I just need to go food shopping so I've got something to actually dip in it.

Anonymous said...

I love it soo much. Hopefully they dont discontinue it.. Otherwise i will have to stock up!
Now my new fav sauce.. Hands down!

cinabar said...

It is a fab twist on the original - and it works with everything. I've tried it on chips and it is heaven, and it is ace as a dipping sauce with a samosa too - yum!