7 April 2012

Tamarind Juice (Pinoy Foods) [By @SpectreUK]

This still Tamarind Juice was made by By Foco, Thai Agri Foods, in Thailand. On the front of the 350ml can there was an image of two tamarinds the like of which didn’t bear thinking about. The nutritional information on the back of the can tried to let me down lightly by giving me serving portions of 100ml at 66.2 calories, which equated to 14.8g of sugar per 100ml. “That’s a lot of sugar!” you may exclaim, but I had been warned before drinking that tamarinds were extremely sour indeed. The juice drink’s ingredients included; water, 30% tamarind, sugar and high fructose syrup. I shook the can well before opening and poured the brown still liquid out into a glass. Apparently tamarind is great for all sorts of ailments including a dodgy stomach, which is good for me, as I frequently have a dodgy stomach (probably testimony to all the dodgy flavoured beers Cinabar makes me drink for this blog). The syrupy juice drink tasted like apple mixed with honey, but it wasn’t sickly sweet, and just had the right amount of sugar and syrup to obliterate any evidence of sourness from the tamarind, leaving me licking my lips and wanting more.
By Spectre


paulham said...

Good stuff this!

Found it in a Mexican supermarket in Florida and developed a taste for it.

NLi10 said...

Not seen this variety (love tamarind paste for cooking) but I have their pomegranate I think downstairs!