24 April 2012

Ribena Plus – Apple & Peach (WH Smiths) (@RibenaUK) [By @Cinabar]

I know that breakfast cereals are practically always fortified with vitamins these days, but it seems to be becoming more common place in the drinks market. They add the vitamins to help top up your daily intake, but I’m never sure how useful it is to somebody who has a balanced diet anyway. Having said that, with the cold weather an extra dose of Vitamin C to fend off cold bugs might be useful, particularly as Spectre keeps sneezing! They have also added Vitamin A and Vitamin E for extra benefits.
As you can probably tell, I bought this drink because it is a new flavour, and not desperately because of the extra vitamins. I was pleased to see that it was low calorie, as my sugar intake is covered from the other treats I partake in – see the rest of the blog! ;-) I like to kid myself that having low calorie drinks somehow compensates in my diet.
I thoroughly enjoyed the flavour which was impressively fruity and refreshing. The apple taste appeared first, which was sharp and had a lot of bite, this then mellowed to a soft peach which was juicy and sweet. I liked the two tones to the flavour and they complemented each other really well. The vitamins may be useful for winter colds, but the flavour is all summer, let’s hope the weather starts to match!
By Cinabar


Adrian said...

How low are the calories/sugars per bottle? I'm diabetic and its annoying that Ribena only seem to offer blackcurrant as their no added sugar flavour (as far as I know). I'm sure its expensive but it would be nice to try if its under 10g sugars.

cinabar said...

It was 25 calories per bottle, so I'm thinking just contains some of the fruit sugars. Best check a bottle yourself before purchasing though, just to make sure its okay.