15 April 2012

Oreo Ice-Cream (Japan?) [by @NLi10]

I do like Oreos. I was fairly sceptical at first that something American could beat the humble British bourbon, but over time I've realised that there is room in the biscuit ecosystem for both. Oreo also have an incredible love of disturbing flavours, which is odd as essentially the biscuit can’t change much else the product is unrecognisable.

This particular type is an import variety that I’ve been holding onto in the snack bag for a good while. At its most basic this is that synthetic blueberry flavour that is sweet American ice-cream or bubblegum flavour. It's not unpleasant. To make this more of an ice-cream experience there is a chemical which makes the cream feel like it is cold to the taste.

This is quite a novelty, you get a tingly sensation as you crunch away! Well, maybe you have felt this sensation before because it’s very similar to that produced by toothpaste! I've had some American chewing gum with a similar effect, and while it's not an unpleasant association it's not one that makes you rush back to the packet for more.

The actual blueberry flavour hides underneath this and the big chocolate taste of the biscuit and just adds a hint to the experience that is sweeter than the usual vanilla and different enough to want to share with friends (mostly to freak people out) but maybe not to get a second packet of.
By NLi10


Anonymous said...

It's actually Oreo from China. They have some really different Oreo varieties too, like these wafer Oreos and tubular ones.

Dubba said...

I'm frightened yet jealous at the same time.

cinabar said...

Such a clever idea, making it taste cold!! Here in the UK all we get is Double Stuff :-(