4 April 2012

Ryvita Minis - Sweet Chilli flavour (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

This Fire Engine red bag caught my eye in the local supermarket, but the big red chilli on the front made me slightly apprehensive. There was also the “new crispier texture” quote on the front that caught Cinabar’s eye, and as neither of us eats Ryvita, it fell to me to write a blog about them. “Aren’t these supposed to be drier than the Sahara Desert?” I exclaimed, “But it says ‘new’ on the bag!” Cinabar said, plying me with a bottle of actual beer for a change, rather than some weirdly flavoured bottled goop. I’ve already sampled the joy of Snack ‘O’ Jack’s Sweet Chilli flavour before, likening them to the sensation of having all the moisture sucked from my body and everyone else’s body within a thousand yards of the open bag. These Ryvita Minis Sweet Chilli flavour’s ingredients included; wholegrain rye flour, sweet chilli flavour, paprika, soy, milk, vegetable oil and salt. Allergy advice stated that these also contain gluten, as well as possibly containing sesame seeds, barley, and celery. So if you fancy playing Russian Roulette with your sesame seed allergy, here is the bag for you. The 30g bag had 113 calories of Ryvitas, with 2.26 fat, and 1.1g sugar, so this all sounds rather healthy, but what do they taste like?

I may have paled a little on first sight of these Ryvita Minis. From the photograph you’ll see they looked a little like small, thick, dry, red dusty rectangular pieces of cardboard. Fortunately I didn’t feel the moisture being sucked from my body on opening the bag or see anyone else pass out through dehydration in the canteen. There was a very mild chilli and paprika smell as I poured the chunky flat Ryvita pieces out into my lunchbox. Although the bright fiery red packet with its images of chillis had promised heat, none came to my lips or tongue or throat on first taste or any other, although these Ryvitas certainly had a pleasant sweet chilli and paprika flavour to them. Despite their texture each crunchy rectangular Ryvita worked extra hard to keep my mouth moist whilst I enjoyed my sandwiches and other bits and bobs in my lunchbox. I certainly felt healthier after eating these, and would recommend them to anyone who desires a snack alternative to crisps or nuts. Ryvita Minis are also available in Salt and Vinegar flavour and Cream Cheese and Chives flavour, which I shall hunt down and try. If they taste half as good as these, then I reckon I could see them in my lunchbox more often as a low calorie, low fat, and low sugar snack treat whilst I try to lose some valuable pounds off my sizable gut!
By Spectre


Anonymous said...


We'd love to send you some of our other flavours to try. If you could email me at customer.services@jordansryvita.comwith your address, I will pop some in the post to you.



bob said...

I grew up munching Ryvita often, not realising that I wasn't exactly their target market.
Fruit Crunch with Jam is probably my favourite elevenses at the moment.
I need to try the Chili Flavour now, which no doubt will show up in my ex-pat grocers, selling for three times more than it costs in Waitrose(!)