22 April 2012

Spicier Quorn and Bigger Pear Pies [by @NLi10]

I've reviewed a few things over the past year that have alternate versions now available so I thought I'd sandwich two of these together as mini reviews.

First up is Quorn Light Bites as the Spicy flavour instead of the original ‘Roast’ that I had previously eaten. These have a slight chilli taste to them which I quite liked, and the moist nature of the Quorn means that any burn is quenched really quickly so you can keep on munching. These had a much less chicken centred flavour than the previous Roast version, which I guess is kind of obvious when you think about it, so I'd recommend these more readily to vegetarians even though both are totally meat free.

As my sole celebratory effort for the Royal Wedding which must be about a year ago now I ate a Royal Pear Pie. I was a little underwealmed but it was enjoyable enough for me to risk buying the giant version that is now available.

This is just a pie top and doesn't have pastry sides which automatically looses it points in my pastryphile world, but it's a really great sharing pie. The filling seemed to disappear quite quickly so you have to be careful when serving it up but the pears had more crunch than I remembered and the Rum & Chocolate flavours worked well to make a nice sophisticated pudding. Well worth getting in when you have the parents round!
By NLi10

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