29 April 2012

Heinz Squeeze & Stir - Minestrone Soup [By @NLi10]

 Previously we discussed how soup was a generally mistreated snack, and found that the Tomato version of this seemingly odd soup was pretty nice and well worth hunting out. If you haven't seen that one, it's worth a click as this is essentially a part two.

It's not usually worth digging into a range unless the basic product is done well, and even then you kind of guess that the rest will be similar and carry on exploring the snack aisle. Today's review primarily exists as I'd no idea how Heinz would cram pasta into a tiny little sachet and still make it edible.

Squeezing the soup made the following unappetising splooge. Fortunately as with a lot of food prep the lovely smell overpowers the oddly wormy sight and most people will carry on to the next step.

This is of course the stir! Following the two stage preparation algorithm and taking into account that my work mug is a good chunky one by not over-filling it gave me a good strong soup that as mentioned is basically half a can of the Heinz varieties that they mimic.

The particle size in the minestrone soup is a little small, and the pasta is more like a lentil size but is no less nice for it. I seem to remember that Heinz Minestrone has little hoops in it which I'd have preferred but the texture of the real thing is similar to this. The flavour is spot on - this is basically a paste version of the tins of soup we've all been having for years.

I need to remember to hunt this out next time I shop. The people in the office I go in to nick the boiling water have already started buying these too (mostly the unadventurous tomato but it's a start!) so they must be out there. I can't imagine a leek & potato or similar Heinz 'BIG' soup in this, but I'm almost positive the range doesn't stop at two varieties so joined their facebook (one of those silly ones where you have to click like to get the info so feel compelled to unlike it again as you leave), and found there is a Tomato & Basil (Pizza flavour) and a Mediterranean vegetable which I can also try. I find their lack of Chicken disturbing, but maybe that will appear next winter.

I can't wait to see if they manage to do squeeze and stir Heinz baked beans...
By NLi10


Rob Hall said...

Hmmm I've got to admit I'm not entirely convinced by this one :-\ The idea of soup in paste form just doesn't seem right.

Anonymous said...

The tomato and basil is horrible- the only one I've tried but I couldn't eat it!

NLi10 said...

That sounds like a challenge!

Perra Dox said...

'I find their lack of Chicken disturbing' Could we please have a Darth Vader Soup commercial!?!