13 April 2012

Tabasco Chipotle – New Smoky BBQ Flavour (@Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

We’ve written about Tabasco sauce flavours before with their Hot Tabasco Habanera Sauce, Mild Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce, Smoked Tabasco Sauce with Smoked Red Chipotle Jalapeños, even trying their Tabasco Pizza. This new Tabasco Chipotle Smoky BBQ flavour was packaged in the usual 60ml bottle. The ingredients included; Chipotle (smoked red jalapeno) pepper, distilled vinegar, onion, and garlic, amongst other things. The sauce box suggested using this sauce as a marinade, for basting or for adding an extra kick to baked beans. I decided to try this new Smoky BBQ flavour on my stalwart favourite for hot chilli sauces, which is cheese on toast! After Cinabar had prepared a few rounds for me I generously dobbed this sauce in a huge brown blob on my plate and tucked in. I immediately found that this sauce has a lovely smoky barbeque taste with a good chilli bite from the Tabasco. Cinabar wasn’t keen on the taste when she tried it on her cheese on toast, as she said the sauce was too sour from the vinegar. I personally revelled in the sour Smoky BBQ chilli heat. It wasn’t long before I’d noticed half the bottle had gone on just a few rounds of cheese on toast. I just couldn’t help but splash as much of this tasty hot smoky BBQ sauce on my plate as I could dare. I did notice I had quite a burning sensation on my tongue after a while, but it was a glorious heat, rather than an uncomfortable sweat inducing burn some hot sauces can produce. I’ll definitely have to get some more of this Smoky BBQ flavour sauce and try it with different foods other than just cheese on toast... Mmmm... I think I’ll have a fry up tonight! ;-)
By Spectre

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Have you tried this one yet @SpectreUK?