14 April 2012

Mikado – Daim (Asda) [@Mikado_UK @asda] [By @Cinabar]

I made specific trips to two branches of Asda to find these biscuits as they are exclusive to that supermarket. The first visit was okay, but the shop didn’t stock them (that was Asda Telford). The experience in the second branch of Asda was so dreadful I almost left my entire trolley of purchases and walked out of the shop because of these biscuits. It was Asda Wolverhampton, and having picked up all our groceries we made our way to the ‘interesting’ stuff, i.e. the chocolate, crisps and biscuit aisles.
As it is a branch of Asda I’m not familiar with I couldn’t find the Mikado biscuits on the shelves. Lucky for me there was a lady stacking shelves in that section. I asked her if she could tell me where the Mikado biscuits were. She snapped at me and said “If they aren’t out we don’t have them in stock”. This was a surprisingly short and rude reply and it didn’t answer my question. I explained to her that I wasn’t telling her that there weren’t any out on the shelves, just that I didn’t know where to look. Again she snapped at me, and said “well neither do I”. Then she just ignored me and carried on stacking the shelves (in the biscuit section I might add).
It was late in the day on Good Friday and we had a full trolley but Spectre and I still discussed walking out, because no member of staff should speak to a customer in such a discourteous way. I was trying to spend money there after all. However the Mikado biscuits were the last thing on the list, and as we stood there steaming from our treatment the biscuits caught my eye tucked away fairly low on one of the shelves. The Mikado Daim edition was there too, so I picked up a couple of boxes and we left. Sadly unless one of the other supermarkets start stocking these it is going to be my only purchase, as I have no intentions to go back. Sorry for the rant, but it was related to the Mikado biscuits!
Anyway back to the goodies in hand. We are big Mikado/Pocky fans here at Foodstuff Finds, and I have loved this style of biscuits ever since NLi10 introduced me to them, a few years back. Mikado are still fairly new in the UK, but I am really pleased to see the range is expanding, and as I love Daim bars I was keen to give these ones a try. The biscuit sticks are all coated in milk chocolate, with a gap for fingers to pick them up, and these particular ones then had little pieces of Daim caramel also stuck to them. Visually there didn’t seem to be that much of the caramel, but there must have been more than I thought as the flavour shone through. The taste was really sweet and had such a rich brown sugar and caramel brittle taste it made them very moreish and tasty. You could certainly feel the crunchy bits when you ate, but they thankfully weren’t big enough to get stuck in your teeth. The chocolate was lovely and creamy too and helped to recreate the whole Daim bar feel and add that lovely hit of cocoa.
I thoroughly enjoyed these Daim biscuits and would totally recommend them. Here is hoping some of the other supermarkets start stocking them, because I certainly would buy them again, just not from that branch of Asda.
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

Hi Cinabar, there are 2 new Galaxy chocolate bars out, one of which you have previously reviewed (orange bubbles), the other bar is called 'flute'. Its kind of the same idea as Milky Bar Crispy Roll, a wafer stick with filling, I thought you'd be interested in trying these so I thought I'd let you know :-) they're available in Asda on the edges of the tills x

daisychain said...

I've seen these in Tesco lately too.

Diets and Calories said...

What a wonderful advertisement for ASDA! I've had so many horrendous experiences with their online delivery, I rarely use them any more. But these Mikado sticks sound like they were almost worth the effort. Hope they 'branch' out to the other stores soon.

Emiliasmummy said...

I was just going to say the same as Daisychain, our local Tesco Metro has them. Annoying they're not on offer at the moment and cost £1.39

cinabar said...

Thanks all - so pleased to hear you can get them in Tesco now! Will have to have a look :-)

Am also on the lookout for those Galaxy Flutes too.

www.returnofthe80s.com said...

Picked some up in Home Bargains the other day for only 69p!

cinabar said...

Home Bargains is ace - they often get Milka biscuits in there too - yum