31 March 2012

Rekorderlig – Premium Strawberry and Lime Cider [By @SpectreUK]

Last time Cinabar’s brother came to visit he arrived just after dinner. I walked into the room as he was tucking into a sandwich, with this beer shaped bottle unopened on the table next to him. I immediately mistook it for one of my own beers and selfishly dived to recover it. He quickly mentioned that it was a present for me to write up for the blog. Feeling marginally guilty, I then noticed what it was and its flavour. Not much of a cider fan, as I remember being violently sick from drinking too much of it when I was a lad. This Strawberry and Lime Cider by Åbro Bryggeri, Yimmery, in Sweden, sounded like it could be a refreshing summer’s treat for some, but I’ve never been much of a fan of sickly drinks either.
With the onset of hot weather (well, a few degrees above the frozen norm), I cooled the 500ml bottle, and decided to drink it on a sunny afternoon. On opening the bottle I noticed a strong sweet smell of strawberries mixed with sourness from the lime. I let Cinabar have the first sip of this pinkish beverage. She immediately said that this drink should be frozen and made into ice lollies. I have to admit that this cider tasted great. The sweetness from the strawberries mixed with the sour kick from the lime made this cider the perfect sunshine indulgence. It was much more refreshing than most pretentious sounding cocktails, and there was not a hint of any alcohol in the flavour. This drink went down too quickly, and I certainly wanted another bottle once I’d downed the first. At 4% volume, Kids, don’t try this at home... or anywhere else for that matter, unless you want to get all dizzy, throw up and hurl abuse at Lego policemen!
By Spectre

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NLi10 said...

A couple of places in town have these, I've never been impressed enough to write the reviews up though!