7 March 2012

Tiger Tiger Hot and Sour noodles [By @SpectreUK]

I’ve eaten Thai food in restaurants and know it can be pretty spicy. There is a quote on the carton of this Tiger Tiger Hot and Sour noodles that states; “Authentic Thai taste”. On reading the quote and seeing the two chilli heat warning on the back of the carton, I figured this could be very “hot and sour”. On opening the cardboard carton I found a Pot Noodle type plastic pot inside. I’m not sure why some manufacturers insist on this unnecessary extra packaging, but at least it was all recyclable. I ripped off the top of the pot to see slim cut noodles and bits of carrot, cabbage and leak inside. I added boiling water, then the sachet, and stirred. Leaving the pot to stand a while for the liquid to cool, I dipped a metal fork in to taste. I found this noodle soup had a pleasant flavour to it, but it was more spicy than hot and had a mild sour taste. I can only imagine that the two chilli heat warning on the back of the carton must mean mild? Although gentle in heat, there is a good taste to this noodle soup. It is suitable for vegetarians, with no artificial colours or preservatives and has less than 5% fat. There are peanuts in the ingredients, so people with nut allergies wouldn’t be able to eat it, unless there’s a new suicide by pot noodle craze I haven’t heard about? The peanuts and soy sauce flavours stand out in the taste, as well as the tomato and mixed spices. Even though I was disappointed by the lack of chilli heat, the more I ate of this noodle soup, the more I enjoyed the spicy taste. However I did feel that Tiger Tiger were going easy on me. When the packaging warns you that a food stuff will be hot, manufacturers be warned; make it HOT!!
By Spectre

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Anonymous said...

Where did you find the tiger tigger noodles? Ive been searching for them for ages after sainsburys stopped selling them! Thanks :)