26 March 2012

Walkers Ruffles Paprika (Asda) [@walkers_crisps] [By @Cinabar]

I’m not sure how these new crisps fit into the Walkers brand given that we recently had Walkers Crinkles released, and these are a rather similar concept. These crisp though are bringing out an old brand, and are going for some retro sales. Ruffles were around in the early nineties but I have to say I don’t remember them very well, and did have to google to find an old youtube advert!
The new crisps are also only available in large sharing bags, and happily state that they are ridged for dipping. I’m not sure that being ridged helps dipping that much, but it certainly catches the seasoning and adds to the flavour and the crunch. Each crisp is also quite big which does help with dipping and loading them with sauce. The crisps are quite thick too but have a soft crunch when you bite which makes them rather moreish and easy to eat.
I chose the paprika flavour for these crisps as I felt that it sounded the most different and tastiest, but the other new flavour was cheese and onion which will no doubt be popular too. The flavour was smokier than I expected but the gentle spice of paprika shone through, as did the flavour of sweet red peppers. These crisps are a long way off being hot, but they do taste good all the same. The final flavour was a hint of salt and a vaguely sour vegetable edge which just gave the taste buds a kick and made me want some more! I was also pleased to say despite sharing and munching through these none of us had greasy fingers which is always a bonus.
I was impressed with the mix of tastes and when these crisps are paired up with a sour cream and chive dip they made a snacking match made in heaven! I might not really remember them from my childhood, but I can honestly say I’ll be buying them again.
By Cinabar


Zoe Hope said...

I don't know where they originated from but these are very popular in America. They have a sour cream and onion flavour out there and they are lovely. Glad to see them in Asda though. Maybe a Walmart link?

Dad+3 said...

Aren't they more similar to the Walkers Max range than crinkles?

Anonymous said...

I regularly buy this at our ASDA. They are identical in flavour to Walkers MAX Paprika, but bigger in size and more in content. Perfection!

cinabar said...

Zoe - I suspect you are right. Asda always have a lot of Hershey's choc through their American connection.

Unknown said...

I am from the U.S. Ruffles are fairly common around here, although they are under the Frito-Lay brand instead of Walker's. Generally, we have plain, cheddar, and sour cream and onion.

Oh, and ASDA is a Walmart affiliate.

Hershey's chocolate originates in Pennsylvania, where I am from. If you're ever here, check out Hersheypark. It's a fun place to visit. The chocolate tastes better from there also because it is fresher.