10 March 2012

Lemonsi Delight – Lemon and Kalamansi (Pinoy Foods, Indoor Market Birmingham) [By @SpectreUK]

Lemonsi Delight is made by the Japanese company, Pokka, and is canned in Singapore. It has all natural ingredients and is vitamin C enriched. I’ve written about Gina’s Calamansi Juice Drink before. Calamansi, can be spelt with a “K” (so Wikipedia tells me), and through my previous experience I found it had a lime-like taste to it. On opening the can I noticed this drink had a lemony smell. On tasting, I found that Lemonsi Delight had a mild sour lemon zing to start with, and a gentle kalamansi polished finish. There was a definitively pleasant sweetness after the initial sour zing, not overpowering or syrupy at all, leaving a satisfyingly sweet lemon and lime aftertaste in the mouth. There were 152 calories in the 300ml can. Personally I would have loved a one litre carton of this. I recall saying the same thing about Gina’s Calamansi Juice Drink. This Lemon and Kalamansi juice drink is very refreshing and healthy feeling, especially after a few minutes (literally minutes and a few seconds…) sweating on my weights. I found it was hard not to down the whole can in one go, and probably would have downed a whole litre if a carton had been available...
By Spectre

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Anonymous said...

the lemon and kalamansi delight is formulated by Singapore Polytechnic students. Who are local and not Japanese.