18 March 2012

Pucca - Double Choco Pretzel by Meiji [By @NLi10]

Meiji makes a lot of things like this. Small biscuit that contains goo and is second only to the Pocky snacks in terms of its habit forming snack nature. This is unexpectedly different in that the outer is Pretzel and not biscuit giving it a savoury edge. The chocolate is much more runny and noticeable than in the Meiji Panda ranges (that I'm happy to eat, but not amazingly fond of) which means that this feels like a much more different snack despite all the similarities.

The chocolate was very underwhelming at first, as my brain was expecting the sweetness of the biscuit to power it up, but after the first half of the bag (nom nom nom) I'd gotten quite used to the balance of tastes. The pretzel also doesn't crumble like the biscuit does so these are a perfect gamer snack and could easily be eaten without paying particular attention to grubby fingers or looking away from screens.

I'm really not sure why these are fish shaped, there is probably some archaic reason for it, but then again I don't tend to question the panda head shaped biscuits so I'm just happy to grab their little tails and pop them in and crunch away!
By NLi10

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