19 March 2012

Hotel Chocolat: Egg & Chips (@HotelChocolat) [By @Cinabar]

If you are looking for an alternative Easter Egg , then it doesn’t get much sweeter than this. Although it is still mimicking an egg, this chocolaty version looks like the fried variety and comes served with chunky chocolate chips! It is also a caramel lover’s dream gift as each of the chips if filled with a generous amount of runny caramel, as is the egg yolk.
I was a little surprised to find that the chips were filled, for some reason I felt they ought to be solid and chunky all the way through, but as I’m such a big fan of the Hotel Chocolat caramel, I didn’t let it bother me!
The chips still feel quite hearty, and despite the generous filling the chocolate shell still takes a bit to break into. This extra bit of chocolate helps balance the taste and enhances the centre. The milk chocolate is smooth, sweet and has a good rich cocoa taste. The sweetness of the thick gooey caramel shines through adding a burnt sugar and slightly salty hint, making an amazing indulgent flavour experience. I could quite happily eat a bag of chips! ;-)
The egg is fab too. The white chocolate is packed with vanilla, and I mean quite literally as you can see the speckles of natural vanilla seed throughout. This taste gives the white chocolate a smooth edge, that is sweet, creamy and easy going. There is plenty of white chocolate too, as the slab that makes up the egg white is impressively thick, and makes it rather substantial. The caramel in the egg adds a lovely novelty value and also gives another opportunity to experience the fantastic Hotel Chocolat caramel.
I would be over the moon to receive this for Easter, and love the look and idea of the product. The added bonus of all the caramel just makes it an absolute dream for anyone with a sweet tooth.
By Cinabar

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