12 March 2012

Ben and Jerry's Core: Dough-ble Whammy (Sainsbury's) [By @Cinabar]

The weather is warming up and the new ice creams are appearing in the shops! This new one from Ben and Jerrys is part of the new Core range where there is a special centre in the middle off the ice cream. Dough-ble Whammy is a cookie dough, fudge and chocolate ice cream mix, perfect for a sweet tooth! The cookie dough element feels very American to me. I love cookies, and loved making them when I was a kid but never entertained the idea of eating the unused dough. Perhaps that’s the era I grew up in though, where raw eggs were seen as dangerous and so eating cookie dough was just never considered.
I realise that cookie dough is gaining in popularity as a flavour in its own right, and eggs are much safer now. I have heard of even sweets and chocolate being filled with cookie dough, so this new ice cream is a nice progression. You can see from the top of the tub the split which looks very smart, and means that there is going to be a nice jumble of flavours from the first scoop.
As ever with Ben and Jerrys I left the tub out for a little while before serving, it isn’t soft scoop and isn’t easy to get out of the tub if you try straight from the freezer, but it is worth waiting for! Once I got it into bowls I could see the three distinct sections. The white ice cream was super creamy, and the pieces of cookie dough added a biscuit taste whilst still remaining pleasantly soft. The chocolate ice cream was spot, loads of cocoa taste, sweet and the adding chocolate bits mixed in gave this a good full flavour. The only section I wasn’t that fussed by was the fudge core. The chocolate strength of it was so strong, it was just a bit overpowering. If you mixed a little with one of the other ice creams that flavour worked well together, but on its own the core was a tad darker than I would have liked. It reminded me of drinking chocolate milkshake syrup before its diluted (who hasn’t done that)!
All in all we enjoyed the tub, and the two main ice creams inside were top notch. I just found it a bit of a shame that the new ‘core’ aspect of it was the part that let it down a little.
By Cinabar


Melanie said...

Ui that sounds great. I hope we get this one in Germany too. I love the regular Cookie Dough Ice, combined with chocolate ice sounds perfect to me.

nicolawatson95 said...

Great review as always! Your blog is amazing! Best, most reliable in the UK. Everyday I look forward to reading your most recent post.
I agree with your review completely. I tried core double whammy yesterday and found the "core" aspect to be odd in flavour. Many others have had the same thoughts which was a little disappointing considering its B&J's. I also tried the Karamel sutra, this core flavour is delicious, reminds me a little of Nestle Carnation Caramel; you definitely must try this. Also the new Oh My Apple Pie is just OMG! My 2nd favourite now, just below Cookie Dough; you just cant beat that.
P.s. I know what you mean by leaving it out for a few minutes. I tend to leave it for 15. I love my ice cream soft and melty mmmmm :D

bob said...

This one sounds a bit like their Half-Baked ice cream on steroids.
My personal favourite, but a little pricey to enjoy outside of the odd special occasion.
Luckily, I take direction from the Cadbury Finger kid (remember him?) who thought that a spider's birthday was reason enough.

Gobble Monkey said...

i love cookie dough!

Anonymous said...

Looks good (I'm a raw cookie dough addict) but I'm not sure if this one will be available on the Continent. Do you know if this "Dough-ble whammy" is made in Europe or an american import ?