17 March 2012

Mmm… Mattesson’s Fridge Raiders – Piri Piri Flavour (Tesco) [By @SpectreUK]

This limited edition Mattesson’s Fridge Raiders Piri Piri Flavour was manufactured by Kerry Foods Limited, in Birmingham. At 118 calories and made with 100% seasoned chicken breast, Fridge Raiders are ready to eat 60g snacks for lunchboxes or those of us who like a good night out and get the nibbles when we arrive back home “slightly” inebriated. There are no artificial colours in the ingredients which include chilli, tomato, garlic, lime, onion, parsley and coriander. There was a tangy chilli heat to the chicken pieces and all the flavours mentioned above seemed to line up quite cheerfully on my taste buds whilst I savoured each bite. I thought the chilli heat compared to medium chicken in Nandos, but Cinabar thought the heat was more like a mild chicken, so perhaps I was having a wussy moment? However, I didn’t pass out whilst eating Barry Norman’s spicy pickled onions at the time, so I can’t have been that bad. This Piri Piri flavour would go perfectly with a beer chaser on arriving home a little smashed or for a snack at lunchtime. Other flavours of Mattesson’s Fridge Raiders chicken bites include Roast, Southern Fried, Barbeque, Tikka, and Hot and Spicy. I hope Mattesson’s change their minds on making these Piri Piri flavour a limited edition, but I better hunt some more of them out soon just in case though!
By Spectre

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Anonymous said...

I love Fridge Raiders! Tesco have now bought out their own ones, suppose a look at 'em wont do any harm? ;)

And thanks for the good review!