15 March 2012

Tropicana - Pomegranate Grape & Apple; @PomeGreat PurePlus with Blueberry [by @NLi10]

Fruit juices are great, and below the surface there is a lot more variety than you'd think. Take this pair of pomegranate drinks for example. The above Tropicana places Pomegranate at the head of its ingredients list but actually contains more grape and more apple than pomegranate! This to me seems a bit misleading as the name is in the wrong order! Now don't get me wrong, it's both still nice, and identifiably pomegranatey as that has a strong flavour, but it'd be nice to be able to tell at a glance which ones are the strongest!

This doesn't stop it from being very drinkable, it's a lovely flavour and while a bit straightforward (there are lots of grape and apple mixes out there) it's one I'll pick up again. And as it's not from concentrate and pretty much 100% fruit juice it feels like you are actually getting vitamins.

The Pomegreat (@PomeGreat) is another story as it contains more Pomegranate than any other fruit, but also contains grape, blueberry and aronia. Unfortunately this is from concentrate so only 33% fruit juice and is made back up to the original volume with water and sugars, so possibly less full of vitamins and goodness than it could be. With all the added extras this is quite a taste sensation (and the added extras appear to be non synthetic and all natural) but may be too powerful for some people's tastes - but certainly not mine. This Blueberry variety adds a welcome twist and zings over the top of the normal base-taste of the pomegranate.

I don't really have a favourite of these two - the first is a refreshing drink and the second a great sipping drink. If you dislike the acquired taste of the pomegranate you are unlikely to want to try either!
By Nli10


bob said...

I read the article, but kept getting distracted by and chuckling at your chunky mug.
Is there some innuendo in it? (Numerous guffaws.)
My full Imperial Pint one sports a Union Jack.
Handy for drinking massive amounts of TyPhoo!

cinabar said...

In a bizarre twist both NLi10 and myself own that mug...