6 March 2012

Spicy Chorizo Flavour Handcooked Crisps (Boots) [By @Cinabar]

I haven’t really reviewed many of the Boots own range of crisps, but discovered at the weekend that they have a wonderful variety of flavours. I decided to right this wrong and picked up a selection of interesting sounding packs, which I’ll be writing about over the coming weeks.
First up is this bag of Spicy Chorizo crisps from the Delicious range. The crisps seem to be fairly unhealthy, with 223 calories in the bag (Quavers are less than 100 for comparison) and they have 12g of fat too, which is a fair whack. Having said that it isn’t from a deliberately healthy range, so perhaps I shouldn’t judge them on this?
There were lovely rich meaty aromas when I opened the bag and peered in. The crisps were rather thick and sprinkled with a large amount of dark orange dusting for flavour. I noted that a surprisingly high proportion of them were stuck together too, so when I did bite in I found they were very firm and crunchy. In fact they were a little bit too hard at times, especially the doubles.
The flavour was lovely and rich though, and there was a good depth to the taste. I could pick up on ham/pork, red peppers, garlic and black pepper and the taste was rich, and certainly reminiscent of juicy chorizo. At the very end there was kick which came out of nowhere and delivered a chilli burst to the back of your throat. This made these crisps spicier than you might expect, but I totally enjoyed the warmth, and they do have ‘spicy’ in the title!
The only disappointing part was that I noticed a residue of grease on my finger tips when I finished the bag, which managed to smudge its way onto my iphone when I tried to take a call. It served as reminder to the fact they were a little higher in fat that other crisps and was a little off putting. Other than that though, I love the new flavour from Boots, and am rather looking forward to trying the other new crisps in the range.
By Cinabar

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bob said...

Suitable for Vegetarians as well, as I noted the lower right-hand side.
American crisps have sadly fallen behind.