4 March 2012

Tropicana Still Lemonade (Co-Op) [by @NLi10]

Still lemonade is an odd concept. You find a product that has a defining characteristic such as the fizziness of lemonade, that separates it from ordinary lemon juice and then you take it away. It's an odd kind of novelty because taking things away doesn't encourage people to spend more. Fortunately for us there are other things that make lemonade special such as sugar, and... well just the sugar in this case.

Tropicana are a brand that make mass produced drinks that are as fresh as you could reasonably buy without one of those juicing machines from Spanish streets or Camden market. I gravitate towards 'not from concentrate' and while I fully understand that 100% fruit often hides more product manipulation and fruit blending than the lay person would expect. The Tropicana people do this better than most, especially when there are raspberries involved, so I'm happy to grab for them when thirsty.

As a post shopping treat a big lemonade without the fizz is a pretty tempting prospect. The flavour is sharp and crisp but without all those bubbles that prevent you from drinking deep and long. This is prefect summer day fare and if you stuck this in a jug on a hot summer’s day with ice cubes it'd be ideal.

It's still good on a rainy British Sunday too, but as the year moves on it will end up in my basket more often.
By NLi10


Anonymous said...

Still lemonade came first, before the bubbles were put in. Not an odd concept at all. I make a mean 'old fashioned' vodka lemonade using the juice of 6 lemons, 6 cups sugar (oops), half jug water, half jug vodka. Plenty of crushed ice. Hic!

bob said...

This is precisely the stuff you get when you order Lemonade in The US and Canada.

(@Anon. You forgot sticking all those ingredients into the blender with two egg whites. :-D )

cinabar said...

Loving your recipe! :-D

bob said...

Actually, cinabar it's a variation I stole from an old Peter Sellers LP sleeve.
On the back, it had the recipe.
Amazingly good.
I sort of wonder if this was the first record to recommend that the listener hear it "stoned"?