21 March 2012

Coldpress Bottled Juice (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

Copella is my favourite apple juice, and I could quite happily yell it from the rooftops. I first discovered Copella in Waitrose. Recently I saw these 250ml plastic hexagonal shaped bottles in the store’s fridge from Coldpress and decided to give them a try. Apparently Coldpress pasteurise their juice cold, rather than using heat. Coldpress utilise cold high pressure processing (HPP), hence the name; Coldpress. This means, as the label on each bottle points out, the juice retains its pure taste of fresh fruit, as well as its antioxidants and nutritional values. Coldpress use 100% fruit juice in each drink, with no preservatives or concentrates, and no added sugar, colours or flavours. All this sounded very healthy and flavoursome, so I was quite excited before opening the first bottle. I was also seriously thirsty from one of my short, but sweet and sweaty workouts with my weights…

Golden Delicious Apple juice

On opening the bottle, the clear, almost transparent liquid smells of ripe Golden Delicious Apples. The initial taste was fresh, crisp, and could only be described as like drinking a Golden Delicious Apple, of course without the biting chewy moments. The website told me that Coldpress use the juice of three apples in each bottle, which equates to 112 calories. I would have quite happily drunk a litre of this apple juice, as it helped sate my thirst and left an exquisite aftertaste of Golden Delicious Apple rolling around my mouth.

Pink Lady Apple juice

This fruit drink smells like a mature red (Pink Lady) apple. It is a clear liquid, with a much softer and sweeter flavour than the Golden Delicious Apple juice. Coldpress were exactly right when they described the process of cold high pressure processing as retaining the pure fresh fruit taste. Just like the Golden Delicious Apple juice, this fruit drink screamed Pink Lady at me as I drank in the succulent flavour. At a slightly healthier 105 calories, this juice left a lovely sweet aftertaste of Pink Lady Apple in my mouth.

Apple and Passionfruit juice

There was a strong smell of passionfruit on opening the bottle. When it stated 100% fruit on the bottle it made me wonder if it was 50 – 50 apple and passionfruit, or if Coldpress had added a lot more passionfruit than apple to this fruit juice. The initial taste was of pure, zingy, and slightly sour passionfruit. There was a mild hint of apple in the flavour that muted the sourness, but the drink mainly tasted of passionfruit. At 103 calories the drink has a lovely healthy feeling. The passionfruit almost overpowered the apple juice completely, leaving a good clean passionfruit aftertaste.

I was very impressed by all the three flavours that I tried. Coldpress is exclusive to Waitrose and their other flavours are Braeburn Apple, Valencia Orange, Apple and Raspberry, Apple and Lemon, Apple and Strawberry, and Gala Apple. I believe if Coldpress branches out to other stores it would make a strong competitor for other juice manufacturers like Copella. Out and about and fancying a quick healthy juice drink, I’d definitely go for Coldpress, but you can’t beat the big bottle of juice in the fridge for that thirst quenching fix after a workout. Coldpress should bring some bigger bottles out too…
By Spectre

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We actually make a 750ml bottle now, and are available in Tesco's and other stores too. :)

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