29 March 2012

Reese's Crispy Crunchy – America [By @NLi10]

This was in my snack parcel I got from the America's a good time ago - it contained the coke and lots of other little bits. This I'd been saving for a special time when I was at work, stuck and starving. One morning this occurred at about 11ish and I devoured the bar before heading to the 12 O'clock meeting.

This wasn't really a short term mistake, the bar is basically an American Toffee crisp - but longer. There is also an important difference in the sheer amount of mind bending chemicals that are hiding in here. I was slightly hyperactive for the whole day! I had to continually check that I wasn't just randomly talking out loud and over reacting to the situations. I also had to force myself to sit down and carry on with things. Hyperactive energy is great to funnel into work though so I got a lot done.

I think that the small Reese's things are fine as I only eat one from the pack per snack attack, but finishing all of this at once was probably a bit much.
By NLi10


bob said...

This is part of Hershey's regrettable "Made With Chocolate" range.
They really dropped a clanger with these and lost a great deal of consumer loyalty.
American Chocolate is already well deserving ridicule, but Hershey managed to take it further downhill.
My choice for quite some time has been Reese's Fast Break bar, which is still Chocolate. (As close as the Americans can get to it, anyway.)

Juice said...

I love them. But...there is so much variety now it is hard to know what to buy.

NLi10 said...

Yeah - no wonder they love British & Belgian Choc in the USA!

They nailed peanut butter though so can't begrudge them a few weaknesses.