24 March 2012

Southern Fried Chicken Pot Noodle [By @SpectreUK]

This was definitely the weirdest sounding flavour of Pot Noodle I’ve tried to date, and I’ve tried plenty of Pot Noodles for this blog. Southern Fried Chicken flavoured Pot Noodle appealed the least. I like a trip to KFC just as much as the next person, well just as long as the next person likes Kentucky Fried Chicken I suppose. I must admit, this Pot Noodle sat in the Foodstufffind’s Cupboard of “Deadly Sounding Foods” for some time before I dared to try it. It’s not that I thought it would be too spicy or taste revolting, it was the concept of Southern Fried Chicken flavoured noodles, without munching on actual pieces of chicken, which sounded so wrong in my head.

I pealed back the lid to find a sachet of tomato sauce, and a hard block of stringy noodles covered in dry sandy coloured Southern Fried Chicken mix with small pieces of sweetcorn, soya, red pepper, and onion. The ingredients on the back of the pot also mentioned “spices”, and oregano and basil herbs. I went through the usual motions of adding freshly boiled water to the pot, adding the sachet of tomato sauce, stirring, and leaving to cool for a short while before eating. I must admit there was a hint of Southern Fried Chicken smell in the air after stirring. The 381 calorie Pot Noodle had a fairly pleasant, lightly spiced, mild chicken flavour, but more like a very mildly spiced chicken curry than Southern Fried Chicken. I think I’ll stick with the other more flavoursome Pot Noodle flavours, as I do prefer to bite, gnaw and tear at my Southern Fried Chicken (of actual pieces of chicken), rather than slurp and chew at flavoured noodles, so I reckon KFC is safe for now…
By Spectre

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