13 March 2012

Weight Watchers – Milk Chocolate Digestive [By @Cinabar]

The Chocolate Digestive is a staple biscuit of the British nation. Weight Watchers have released a new healthier variety of this favourite biscuit, and I was keen to test them out.
I don’t follow the Weight Watchers diet but you may have guessed that from the website! However I do like to pick up healthier items from time to time, particularly when I am cutting back or just to see what they are like. I am a fan of Weight Watchers biscuits, and to be honest am a regular buyer of their Fruit Crumble Biscuits which are lovely afternoon treat at work, so I had high hopes for these Digestives and I wasn’t to be disappointed.
The biscuits are nice looking, with a decent amount of chocolate on one side, and nice swirly pattern on the other. The base is a thick oat concoction, it is crisp and crunches pleasingly when you bite in, and you can start to feel the biscuit almost melting after a few seconds. The chocolate is generously proportioned, it is sweet and has a good flavour and adds that bit of extra indulgence to the biscuit.
The biscuit taste was spot on, lots of oats and a wholesome wheat flavour too. They were lovely to munch on. The packet is re-sealable too which is a nice as it keeps the remaining biscuits (if there are any) lovely and fresh. These were thoroughly fab chocolate digestives, and the very best part is that you couldn’t tell from the flavour that they are healthier. In fact if you served these up to any guests with a cuppa, they’d munch away happily on them without giving it a second thought. The fact that each biscuit has just 51 calories is just an extra bonus.
By Cinabar

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