2 March 2012

Heston's Chocolate & Rosemary Ice Cream (@WaitroseUK) (By @Cinabar]

There were a couple of new ice creams in Waitrose that caught my eye recently. They are both ‘different’ and both are described as being part of the Heston range, which always means that there will be an interesting twist.
First up we have Chocolate & Rosemary Ice Cream. This is not a natural sounding combination, and it certainly isn’t one I have tried before. Chocolate and mint is far more common, but both mint and rosemary are herbs, so why not give it a go.
The tubs for these new pots are fairly small. They are bigger than the individual serving pots, so it would feed two meekly or be a serving for one greedy person (I won’t tell you which category I fell into)! The ice cream is quite dark in colour, and has a very smooth consistency, there are no bits or distractions just silky smooth ice cream.
The flavour isn’t what you would expect though, the chocolate is dark and rich, and not to sweet. Balancing it off is the very aromatic rosemary, offering a fresh twist. It has elements of fern and is a very fragrant but also slightly woody taste. I didn’t think this was going to work, but my taste buds thought it was a match made in heaven, the dark chocolate and aromatic flavours create a wonderful clever mature taste. It’s like a grown up chocolate and mint ice cream, and certainly something that would impress guests. It’s a very fresh idea.
I really liked and enjoyed the flavour combination, and it is so nice to try a new mix of tastes that just works so well. I have to say I am rather optimistic about his other new flavour now... I’ll try and get that written up early next week, so keep an eye out. ;-)
By Cinabar


bob said...

Seems an odd combination, but if 'Heswall Bloomerbread' (As I like to call him.) came up with it, why not?

cinabar said...

It was so much better than I expected! Does actually make a good aromatic combination.

david stuart said...

just had some.... thought it was ghastyl