9 March 2012

Hotel Chocolat: For My Mum [Chocolate Selection] (@HotelChocolat) [By @Cinabar]

I’m sure you all are already on to this, but just on the off chance it had slipped your mind, Mother’s day is coming up! It’s on the 18 March, and in case you want to treat your mum, I thought I see what the lovely new Mother’s Days selection from Hotel Chocolat was like.
This box contains eight chocolates and there are four varieties offering a good taster selection. As there aren’t too many, I wouldn’t expect your mum to share, but by all means try to get a taste! ;-)

Simple Milk Truffle – This prickly looking chocolate consists of a thick milk chocolate shell, filled with a smooth milk chocolate truffle. The filling is creamy and sweet, but not over powering. The firm chocolate shell contrasts the soft gooey truffle perfectly and delivers a wonderful milk chocolate hit. It’s a very pure flavour, but there is not arguing that it works.

Dizzy Praline – I love the look of this chocolate, with its smart white chocolate swirl decorating the top. I am a big praline fan, and it is one of those fillings that Hotel Chocolat really has perfected. The milk chocolate shell breaks easily when you bite in and reveals the smooth firm praline within. The flavour is quite rich, and the hazelnut taste is strong, but mellowed slightly by the chocolate. As a nut fan, I think this is just one of the best chocolates ever! A proper nutty treat.

Billionaires Shortbread – This is a very pretty looking chocolate, it sort of looks like a chocolate and caramel volcano on the edge of erupting and releasing a biscuit explosion! Inside this fine choc is a wonderful soft filling, with a good biscuit taste, and biscuit bits too which adds to the crunch. The chocolate and caramel support the flavour and make this a lovely comforting sweet treat.

Choc Chip Cookie– As you can see from the picture, the two chocolates here look quite different, one is quite neat and tidy, the other is over packed with goodies! It’s a s playful chocolate this one, packing in all sorts of ingredients from whole hazelnuts to soft biscuits bits. There is plenty of pure chocolate in there too, which makes it a rather substantial treat.

I felt that this was an excellent selection from Hotel Chocolat and even thought there are only four varieties they cover a wide range of chocolates. It is the sort of selection any mum would be pleased to receive, and I think if you want to win some brownie points on the day, it’s a gift you can’t go wrong with.
By Cinabar

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