17 October 2014

Appletiser - Apple & Pomegranate (@appletiseruk) [By @Cinabar]

Appletiser is a drink that has been going quite a while in the UK and seems to fit the bill nicely as a refreshing non alcoholic drink. It always feels a bit more sophisticated than J20, although I am a regular on them too. I tend to associate Appletiser with meals in Bella Italia as it is my drink of choice in there, plus they also stock Grapetiser too, it's sister product.
Recently Appletiser has released another new flavour and I was keen to give it try. This new version is a mix of apple and pomegranate, but like its regular Appletiser counterpart is still 100% sparking fruit juices, with no preservatives.
The drink comes in a smart glass bottle that give off a gentle fizz when you unscrew the cap. I poured out the burgundy liquid into a cup. The drink definitely still has apple as the main flavour hit, but here is a lovely zingy taste of pomegranate which takes you away from the sweet flavour. I like the sharper taste and the touch of pomegranate just makes this feel like a proper grown up drink. It is still very easy to drink as the juice flavours are blended well, and the pomegranate enhances the apple nicely.
Here’s hoping Bella Italia add it to their menu very soon!
Thanks to Appletiser for sending me the bottle to try.
By Cinabar

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