31 October 2014

Limited Edition Halloween M&Ms (Tesco) [By @Cinabar]

I’m going to cut to the chase, before you get excited about the latest “Limited Edition” Halloween M&Ms, don’t. Yet again they have totally avoided releasing anything interesting in the UK and the entire bag is filled with ordinary peanut M&Ms, only coloured orange and green. My frustration is not due to a dislike of peanuts and chocolate, far from it I am a big fan. It is the pain when they put the phrase “Limited Edition” on the packet, and you get your hopes up for some crazy flavour, and then you realise just how disappointing the contents are, Halloween coloured shells is as good as it gets.
When you think about our friends in The States munching on their Halloween Candy Apple flavoured M&Ms I think it fair to look at them with jealous eyes. There are loads of flavoured M&Ms in other countries, but the UK is as ever left out. For those that read my post on Christmas M&Ms and find this a bit repetitive, it is fair to say my disappointment is becoming a seasonal affliction.
Anyway as these chocs aren’t wrapped I will be forced to eat them myself and not give any out to Trick or Treaters. Buying them, being disappointed with them and having to eat them is just one of the many sacrifices I have made for this blog! Go me! ;-)

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

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paulham said...

It would make you spit, wouldn't it?