8 October 2014

Skittles Desserts (Import Shop) [By @SpectreUK]

I have to get the spelling of "Desserts" right as these new sweets from Skittles could be misconstrued as very dry and arid bite sized candies. Coming in five new flavours these Skittles Desserts sounded like super sweet sweets to me. The concept of making sweet flavours from pudding sweets seemed like a doubly sweet idea (sorry)! First up Orange Creme (orange colour) had a predominantly sweet and sugary orange flavour finishing on a creaminess that I hadn't really experienced in Skittles before. I couldn't get enough of this flavour and soon the packet was empty of orange coloured skittles. Key Lime Pie (green colour) tasted a little more apple than lime. Still these green Skittles were sweet, with a mid-lime tang and spiciness and were certainly tasty, but I don't think folk from the Florida Keys would be impressed. Now if they'd called it maybe Apple Strudel flavour...? Strawberry Milkshake (pink colour) gave the same creaminess that the Orange Creme Skittles had to offer, but with a strawberry ice cream sweetness instead. These pink Skittles were fantastic and disappeared from the packet as quick or even quicker than the orange Skittles. Blueberry Tort (blue colour) certainly had a blueberry flavour but there was a chemical finish to the taste, which travelled unnaturally into the aftertaste that put me off a little. Finally Raspberry Sorbet (red colour) seemed to mirror the juicy wetness that a raspberry sorbet gives in spades when eating it after a meal, of course without that frozen teeth jangling chill that sorbets can give older tender souls that may brave one from time to time. These red Skittles were another favourite flavour of mine. So all in all a mixed bag of colours, a mixed bag of flavours and certainly a mixed bag of feelings. I will definitely avoid the blue Skittles next time...

Information on the packet;
Distributed by Wrigley, in Chicago, USA. 56.7g bag with 230 calories, 2.5g of fat and 42g of sugar. For ingredients please see photograph.
By Spectre

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Lisa said...

My local pound shop was selling these the other day!