11 October 2014

Guinness Mid-Strength Draught (Ocado) [By @SpectreUK]

I've never held much credence in low alcohol beers as some have a bad habit of tasting a little odd! This Guinness Mid-Strength Draught is of course a stout, which could be different and taste just like Originial Guinness or taste just as odd, but in a stout way rather than an odd beer way. I'm reliably informed from somewhere on the internet that there are other Guinness stouts available. Whereas Guinness Original is 8% in volume in the UK, Guinness Extra Stout is 4.3% in volume in the USA.
Guinness Draught is 5% in volume, whereas Guinness Foreign (as in not in the UK I suppose) Extra Stout is 7.5% in volume and Guinness Special Import is 8% in volume. Guinness Mid-Strength Draught is 2.8% in volume. So if you want to get drunk on this stout you'll have to be pretty thirsty to begin with. Either that or unit-wise this would be fairly safe for a pint and a drive (not that I'd encourage drinking and driving). Fortunately I was very thirsty when I poured the first can of the four-pack. Indeed the can proclaimed that this Guinness had been brewed in the same way as the Draught Guinness, but with less alcohol. The stout poured much the same as any other Guinness that I have had the pleasure of drinking in the past. It was certainly black, had a Guinness smell about it and the usual creamy top. To be perfectly honest with you on first taste I couldn't tell much difference between this Mid-Strength Draught and the regular (dare I say "regular") Draught Guinness. It still tasted creamy, it still tasted like stout with a bitterness and malty taste. So I had another swig and another until I just decided to enjoy the stout and stop wri... ;-)
By Spectre

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