26 October 2014

Halloween Mr Kipling Choc Slime Slices (Asda) [by @NLi10]

Crikey - Halloween seems to come around faster and get earlier every year.  No sooner have we packed away the pumpkins, scary trees and fake blood than we are back up the loft looking for the trimmings again.  I'd not been that fussed about the 'holiday' as a kid, but now I get to buy the sweets and freak out the visiting kids it's a lot more fun.  I put most of it down to playing quirky Indie 'kids game' Costume Quest one year while off with the flu - the sequel (Costume Quest 2) is out this year and I haven't got it yet - but I am very tempted... anyway...

This year saw a few new looking festive treats so I thought I'd review some.

First up we have these  - perfect for trick or treaters!

What more could a small child with face paint wearing a bin-bag cape ask for than some skinless sausages! Well i'm sure that there is a reason for spooky bangers, but it escaped me.  Maybe the October BBQ season is one that they are starting to trend.

Instead of traumatising the neighbours kids for life by giving them raw meat lets look at these:

Ignoring the oddly phalic Christmas treats and leaving the bear for the next review we see Mr. Kipling has created another variation based on the fact that lime and slime are a bit similar.

As usual these are just the normal slices but jazzed up, and as usual three sets of two in a box seems quite small.  Naturally I had to tuck into a set early for review so I only have two portions left to give out.  I'm saving them for work I think.

The fondant topping is similar to normal but the green sponge seems to be where the lime is - and boy is it a big hit.  I expected these to be subtle and just like a hint of lime, but no - it's over the top and glorious - to the point where I'm wondering if this is too much lime!

I am a big fan of lime and using it with quorn to create crazy flavours was my signature dish at university.  Even for me this felt a bit OTT, but i guess that adds to the extreme nature of the product. As a lovely 'bogey' coloured cake with a funny taste to freak kids out this is perfect.  You wouldn't catch me having this with a cup of tea though.

Happy Halloween spooky kids.  May all your candy be weird and exciting.

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