1 October 2014

Mediterranean Style Tuna Salad (John West) [By @SpectreUK]

This John West's Mediterranean Style Tuna Salad had an "improved recipe" label on the front and being a lover of most things fishy I just had to try it out. There was a free plastic fork on top of a metal hexagonal dish underneath the cardboard outer shell. This tuna salad sounded perfect for a quick and healthy lunch that I could eat cold on the go, and so I decided to do just that on my way to uni. I even had a can of John West's Sardines in Tomato Sauce on the side. The tuna salad had an easy peel foil lid to prevent the tomato sauce inside from flicking everywhere. Once open I could see lots of chunky tuna pieces in a juicy tomato sauce with thick wriggly pasta, mixed (red, yellow and green) diced peppers and chopped olives. The lovely sweet herby and spicy tomato sauce had a slight vinegary taste and complemented the succulent tuna pieces perfectly. The squidgy pasta chunks added extra body to the salad, with a spicy bitiness from the peppers and slight oily flavour from the green olives. This Mediterranean Style Tuna Salad certainly made for an easy, quick and healthy packed lunch with no washing up. I would definitely have this again, especially for a healthy boost from my usual sandwich and crisps!

Information on the card label;
Produced in Portugal for John West Foods, in Liverpool, established in 1857. 220g salad with 211 calories, 4.2g of fat and 9.5g of sugar. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. For ingredients see photograph. Allergy advice contains; fish, wheat, egg, and may contain traces of mustard.
By Spectre
Find out more about the range on their website: http://www.john-west.co.uk

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