3 October 2014

The Cookie Catcher (@CookieCatcher_) [By @cinabar]

When I first heard the phrase Cookie Catcher, I thought it was some kind of net for retrieving escaped cookies. In actual fact it is a very clever little invention, designed with biscuit dunkers in mind. Every dunker knows that at the end of their tea or coffee remains biscuit sludge, even if the biscuit hasn’t noticeably broken. If the biscuit does break, it is a horrid feeling as you realise there goes your last sip of drink and the tea is ruined. As a dedicated dunker this new item caught my eye and the lovely folks who invented it sent me a sample to review.
Inside the pack is a net shaped like the inside of a cup, with a tag to pull it out, rather like that found on a teabag. I made myself a Costa Latte using my Tassimo, popped in the Cookie Catcher and opened up the Jammy Dodgers, the perfect afternoon treat. I dunked away happily with a couple of biscuits, and am pleased to announce there were no breakages, even though one biscuit came close!
When I was done munching and dunking I simply pulled the Cookie Catcher out, gave it a quick rinse and it was ready to re-use. I can confirm there was NO biscuit debris in the bottom of the mug, all the soggy biscuits crumbs were caught as promised. Genius! I know it is novel, but it does fix a very British problem.
This would make a fab stocking filler or Secret Santa gift in the office for a known biscuit dunker. If you are putting together hampers at christmas with a selection of teas and biscuits why not pop one of these in too, it will ensure that all items are enjoyed to the maximum.
Want your own Cookie Catcher? Take a look at: http://www.thecookiecatcher.com
By Cinabar

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