6 October 2014

Quality Street My Orange Bar - Orange Crunch (Boots) [By @Cinabar]

As you all are probably aware my favourite Quality Street chocolate is the purple one, I do love nuts and chocolate. As such when Quality Street released the Purple One bar I was over the moon. Over the years it has been joined by various friends and this year the new addition to the range is the Orange Crunch.
The bar feels odd in its wrapper, I was convinced it was broken in some way, but it was entirely intact, just oddly shaped. It consists of four octagonals all filled with a thick orange filling. The bar smells amazing when the wrapper was opened, there was a good strong chocolate orange aroma which was very enticing. The bar broke naturally intro the four chunks and I took my first bite of one of the pieces.
The milk chocolate was pleasingly thick and the filling inside had a good strong chocolate orange flavour. It was a sweet soothing taste, and I loved the crunch from the orange crystals within. The citrus and the chocolate were made for each other.
Basically if you like the orange crunch chocs in Quality Street,this is the perfect bar for you.
Somebody at work said to me that they associate chocolate orange flavours with Christmas, so I guess this fits in well with the upcoming time of year. I think chocolate orange is an easy win with those flavours being popular and much under used in UK confectionary.
By Cinabar

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Unknown said...

Looks like this choco bar is for girls :D Do other chocolates from this brand have same pattern on it? :)