24 October 2014

Options - Limited Edition Sweet Popcorn Hot Chocolate (@Ocado) [By @cinabar]

One of the things I like about my Ocado order is when it comes to ordering Options hot chocolate because you can add the flavour “Limited Edition” to your basket. This means you get whatever Options hot chocolate sachet is currently the new edition, and you don’t get a clue as to what it is until it arrives! This may seem like a disadvantage to some, but I love it! On my last but one order I had Turkish Delight (which was delicious), but this time I was all smiles when Sweet Popcorn arrived, something totally new to me.
I couldn’t wait to pop the kettle on and give it a try out. Funnily enough when I poured out the powder into the mug and gave it an expectant sniff I couldn’t really pick up on much other than chocolate. I added the hot water and again, the aroma was just chocolate.
So I took my first sip and something weird happened. I have found a product that is too sweet even by my standards. Now I know the flavour is supposed to be “Sweet Popcorn” but I think they put all the emphasis on the first word and pretty much ignored the second. I couldn’t really notice any popcorn taste at all, there was none of that corn flavoured goodness, no hint of the cinema experience. What it did remind me of was a regular cup of Options to which it tasted like there was a couple of extra teaspoons of sugar added to it. From the calories this can’t have been true, it was the usual low calorie count, but the sugary taste over powered the chocolate either way.
Oh well, you can’t win them all, and clearly there is a market for those of you who have an even sweeter tooth then mine. I’ll just be hanging on to see what wonders I get next month when I add “Limited Edition” Options variety to my order, I still enjoy the gamble.
By Cinabar

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