27 October 2014

Soreen Halloween Edition - Toffee Apple Scream [By @Cinabar]

Sometimes being a blogger is fun and lovely companies send you goodies to try. Sometimes companies fill a box with plastic spiders and make you jump half a mile when you go to open it!!! :-D Soreen wanted us to try out their new Toffee Apple edition bars in time for Halloween and sent me a suitably decorated parcel of goodies, complete with an array of black plastic spiders sitting in a web! One of the plastic spiders unbeknownst to me jumped from the box and settled down the side of the sofa, giving me a second fright later in the evening! Oh my, I do get jumpy when it comes to spiders, alive or plastic as it happens! Oh how the folks from Soreen would have laughed…
Anyway once the adrenaline levels had returned to normal, and I had calmed down I decided it was time to try out the new treat. The Toffee Apple Soreen will be available in lunch box sized pieces, individually wrapped. When the wrapper was off, they smelt really nice with a sweet air of toffee about them. Although the colour is lighter and they look more like a cake bar, the texture is still heavy and almost sticky like regular Soreen, you have to remember this is a fruit loaf not a cake.
The flavour was lovely, there was plenty of apple, which worked rather well with the rich tastes, and the toffee aftertaste was spot on, strong and rich. I hope they keep this flavour going for a while after Halloween as it such a nice new addition to the range, and one that you’ll be wanting all autumn.
By Cinabar

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