10 October 2014

Classic Kettle Chips - Salsa and Mesquite (@KETTLEChipsUK) [By @cinabar]

When I saw this variety of Kettle Chips, my first thought was I need to google Mesquite. I’m no snob, I admit when I don’t know a word! The trouble is if you google “Mesquite” you find out it's a type of tree, so I took a punt and added “sauce” to my search term and everything became clear, it is a type of barbecue sauce.
These crisps are from a different era, so perhaps that explains my lack of knowledge on the food culture, think back in time to the Eighties. I would have been playing on my roller skates and hearing Cliff’s Mistletoe and Wine for the first time. These were one of the nostalgia flavours from Kettle, first released back in 1988. According to google they had quite a cult following too, but they are new to me.
The crisps look like they were dusted with a sprinkle of orange coloured seasoning, and the aroma was very much that of barbecue sauce. The crisps had the usual firm crunch of Kettle Chips and each had a satisfying snap. The flavour was rather moreish, there were all sorts of hints of flavours, from paprika to barbecue, and a lovely woody hickory aftertaste. Lets not forget the sweetness of some tomato and a hint of spice thrown in there too. I can see why these had such a following after their original release, they are full flavoured and seriously tasty. Hopefully Kettle Chips will have them back for a bit longer than the “Limited Edition” label on the bag suggests.
By Cinabar


Lisa said...

I'm sure I've eaten these before, and definitely not in the 80s. Maybe in the last 5-10 years?

Sammy said...

oooh I have missed these where did you buy them?

Lisa said...

I just noticed there's a Facebook page dedicated to bringing these back! Apparently they can now be found in Tesco and Sainsburys :)

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for this flavour in tesco and sainsbury with no luck :(