5 October 2014

Le Keux's Milk Shake Bar & Soda Sop - Custard Factory Birmingham [@NLi10]

While in the custard factory for card tournaments and a games event I got sold some lovely cup-cakes by a group of ladies.  They also handed out leaflets for the below.

This looked interesting, but by the time the cards had finished and I'd found it the 6pm closing time had past. I wandered off into the games expo with my cupcake.

This weekend the cards finished early (well - we had to leave early to get to the wrestling - which ended up starting late...) and I managed to get over and inside the place.

The reason it's a little hard to spot is that it's actually inside a vintage salon - that I would describe as 50s Americana style!  Once you've navigated the mazelike corridors and found the diner at the back it's actually quite nice and spacious!

As we were disappearing off we decided to have two milkshakes - Banana & Custard & Very Berry.  My companion described his milkshake (B&C) as very nice and it certainly had all the right fresh ingredients in it to be both interesting and healthy.

I had the Very Berry which had fresh strawberries hiding at the bottom with an assortment of flavours and sauces inside.  The fruitiness was good, and it was thick enough to be satisfying without being hard to drink.  The finishing touches of the fruit certainly made mine a bit healthy too.

There were loads of other flavours, and home made cakes to eat too.  When we have a bit more time I'm certain we'll go back and have a sit down and try some more of the delights on offer.

Their website is here for those local enough to enjoy - and there is also one in Leeds (without a diner)!

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Helen said...

Wow this place is adorable! I must visit!