23 October 2014

Old El Paso Chili & Garlic One Pan Rice Meal

My two person family are big fans of the Old El Paso meal kits and always have at least one in the emergency supplies cupboard to fill with Quorn and veg and brighten up the midweek.

They have just started to branch out into other kits - and this one is essentially rice and sauce and seasoning. Naturally it suggests chicken - but again we went for Quorn.

The steps are easy to follow and the sachets are generous. We had a love meal for two with enough left aside for one lunch and one 2nd helping.

It was spicy enough to satisfy but didn't need cooling through other means. The rice was great quality and the measurements meant that it was just fluffy enough and still had a bite. We will certainly buy more of these to stash away and brighten up future meals.

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