22 October 2014

Lingham's Chilli Sauce [By @SpectreUK]

Lingham & Son very kindly sent me a bottle of their Chilli Sauce noticing that I'd reviewed quite a few chilli sauces, but they were a little miffed that I hadn't tasted theirs. So I thought I better try it on the best meal for chilli sauce that I could think of, which is of course cheese on toast. And so one evening I splurged a good sized dollop of fire engine red chilli sauce onto the plate next to my three pieces of cheese on toast. On first taste Lingham's Chilli Sauce tasted like a sweet, almost caramelised spicy red chilli sauce. This sauce went exceptionally well with my Red Leicester Cheese on toast. The red sauce had a building medium chilli heat that made me wipe my nose a couple of times after eating the first few chunks of cheese on toast. My mouth had a noticeable tingle and my nose began to sweat. Still I couldn't help pouring more and more... and more of Lingham's Chilli Sauce on my plate and dipping in smaller chunks of cheese on toast into larger blobs of sauce to savour my meal for longer. I really enjoyed this sauce. I noticed that it stated on the label that this sauce is "Unique, versatile, and delicious", and I'd certainly agree with that. I could quite happily eat this sauce with either savoury or sweets. I reckon it would go perfectly well either drizzled over chips or a vanilla cheesecake. No, I really mean that... and if you don't believe me, give it a try. Well saying that, give it a try even if you do!

Information on the label;
280ml bottle, 100ml containing 66.7g of sugar and 6.7g of fat. Produced with the same ingredients since 1908 by Lingham & Sons in Malaysia, and distributed by Bennett Opie in Kent. No colourings, added flavours or preservatives. Gluten free and no tomato purée! Ingredients included just; sugar, red chillies (33%), vinegar and salt.

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UK Chilli Grower said...

We'll have to send you one of our Chilli Sauce's to review.. Get in touch with your details and we'll post you one out! :)