1 November 2014

Henry Westons Mulled Cider (@Henry_Westons) [By @SpectreUK]

Henry Weston & Sons sent me a huge load of cider to drink myself silly early summertime. I enjoyed their cider so much that they decided to send me an early Christmas present. Four 2.25L boxes of their Mulled Cider winter warmer. Golly are they generous, this lot should last me right through Christmas! It suggests on the box to pour this cider into a heat resistant glass or mug and warm in the microwave to help take away those autumn and winter damp driery chills. So I did just that. The box label mentioned that a slice of orange would make the perfect garnish, but bereft of orange in the house, I decided to drink the first mug full (or three) warm and straight. I poured some of the spicy smelling toffee coloured cider into my usual hot chocolate mug and warmed it up in the (1000w) microwave for about 40 seconds. The spices hit my nostrils whilst I edged the mug to my lips. Although the spices were perfectly blended I thought I could pick up on a mixture of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, all with a healthy dose of sweet apple cider. This Mulled Cider truly is a winter warmer with its natural group of spices cheerfully dancing around the strong foundation of cider. I'd suggest you give this a try and park the mulled wine for your autumn and winter booze ups. These boxes are also the perfect size for a party in the garden. Heat up a saucepan of this cider, put some potatoes for jacketing in the oven, and you'll have all the neighbours calling around to watch your fireworks. Sweet enough to wash down any toffee apple and spicy enough to warm every inch of your body whilst you blow steam at the cold damp air and wave around some sparklers. Make sure you're careful though and simply enjoy!

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Information on the box;
Henry Weston & Sons English Cider established in 1880 in Herefordshire. 2.25L box with 9 servings, equivalent to 4.5 x 500ml bottles. 4% in volume. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs.
By Spectre

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Helen said...

Mulled cider! Yum yum. Even better than mulled wine.